Queen's Coalition against Racist and Ethnic Discrimination


QCRED works hard to support visible minority students, staff and faculty at Queen’s by making the University more inclusive and accepting through various programs and campaigns.

Faculty Mentorship Program

Queen’s Faculty Mentorship Program encourages visible minority students’ overall social and academic development. The program promotes frequent student-faculty contact which is a major factor in student motivation, campus involvement, and retention. The aim of the program is to provide self-identified minority students with a faculty mentor/sponsor/friend on campus who will encourage and offer guidance in dealing with any problems they confront while pursuing their education. Another objective is to increase faculty familiarity and understanding of ethnic minority student experiences and perspectives on campus. The Queen’s Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) coordinates and runs the program in partnership with QCRED. More information about the program can be found on the CTL site.

Queen’s Peer Connection Program

Queen’s Peer Connections (QPC) is a joint initiative developed with the collaboration of the Queen’s Coalition for Racial and Ethnic Diversity (QCRED) and the Queen’s Health, Counseling and Disability Services. QPC aims to network self-identified racial and cultural minority students with upper year students for the purpose of facilitating their adjustment to the university and local community. Through weekly meetings and organized events, the co-mentors will address various social and academic issues in hopes of furthering a sense of belonging and empowerment among minority students. For more information about QPC, email qpc@qcred.org.

Each One, Teach One

Each One, Teach One (EOTO) is a bi-weekly event currently held at the Four Directions Centre that provides students from historically marginalized ethnic groups an opportunity to share their thoughts in a safe and positive space. EOTOs are sometimes centered around a specific topic of discussion or invite guest facilitators but the goal of the event is just to let students vent and feel safe from racial violence in a specific space. Food is always provided and everyone attending the EOTO is reminded to respect each other and their space. EOTO attendees are also asked to respect the Four Directions space. For more information, contact the QCRED Coordinator through email.


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