Queen's Coalition against Racist and Ethnic Discrimination


QCRED Coordinator – Administrative
The Administrative Coordinator holds responsibilities in the office such as maintaining meeting minutes, archiving material, and organizing QCRED paperwork among other duties. This coordinator works with the QCRED Board to maintain the QCRED office as a resource for students.

QCRED Coordinator – Communications
The Communications Coordinator is responsible for serving as a liaison between the board members and the external community. This coordinator is also in charge of advertisement and media communication for all events and QCRED projects. Most importantly, the Communications Coordinator serves as the main contact for the organization.

The QCRED Board is a non-hierarchical and consensus-based group of students and staff that actualize the missions and principles of QCRED. The board is responsible for organizing events and coordinating long-term projects. In other words, the Board acts as the nucleus of the coalition. Monetary decisions, staff supervision, community representation, and long-term goal setting are all part of the ongoing work of the QCRED Board. No one position on the QCRED Board is more important or valuable than another, rather the Board benefits from the unique knowledge and experience each member contributes.


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