Queen's Coalition against Racist and Ethnic Discrimination

A statement by QCRED on Antisemitism
July 27, 2009, 6:29 pm
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QCRED condemns all forms of racism and oppression including antisemitism. As a group that aims to emphasize the plurality of experiences within communities, we condemn the overt conflation of Judaism with Zionism. QCRED sees this comparison as in and of itself oppressive as it does not reflect the wide and diverse perspectives coming out of Jewish communities, religious and non-religious — many of which are openly anti-Zionist or post-Zionist (if you want more information about organizations that represent these voices, please come by the QCRED office in JDUC).

However, QCRED does recognize that the conflation between Zionism and Judaism continues to be made, and we condemn this conflation whether or not it is done to mask anti-Jewish hate or an attempt to push forward a specific type of politics.

It is in this respect that we condemn the recent defacement of Israeli advocacy propaganda with a historically racist symbol.

We condemn this defacement when it is in reference to the state, not out of our protection of the state, but because it is dangerous to compare Zionist policies with the symbol of Nazi Germany. This act evokes the historical and body memory of the Holocaust and regardless of the intent, directly marginalizes those who are forced to carry this legacy.

As a group that puts anti-racism above all other politics and remains a space that works for the liberation of all marginalized peoples, we see the ramification of this defacing as either reflecting and/or producing antisemitism. Therefore, we call on the administration to take a firm stance condemning this incident and other incidents that reflect or produce an anti-Jewish climate on this campus.

If anyone has questions about QCRED and its role in combating oppression, specifically antisemitism, please come by our office and pick up a free zine we are distributing regarding the issue. The zine is also available online at: http://www.pinteleyid.com/past/.

In solidarity,